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When Recruitment Becomes As Smart As Your Phone

  • TalSuite is the ultimate Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Track every touch-point with your business.
  • Enable your team to make talent a strategic advantage.
  • Significantly optimize your hiring cycles.

Start smart-recruiting today. Let TalSuite automate all the clerical parts of the recruitment process. Let your HR team do what they're best at- Hiring Talent!


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Robust. Guided. Smart

  • Empower your recruitment managers.
  • Connect with the right people to generate qualified applications.
  • Automate recruitment on any device, and get the best candidate.
  • Deliver result-oriented recruitment practices.
  1. 1

    Multi - channel Candidate sourcing

    Talsuite helps you to run your entire HR Department on a single platform. Our Chrome extension lets every recruiter deliver the best candidates. Source candidates in a single click from Talsuite's candidate database, and leading portals like Naukri, Shine.

  2. 2

    Manage candidates throughout the hiring process

    Our CRM gives you a visual representation of your candidates, across various stages of the hiring process. One look at the screen and you'd know your hiring pipeline. Also, it maintains a single record of all conversations. That is all calls, emails, texts from every candidate to keep you compliant.

  3. 3

    Improve interviewing – from scheduling to feedback

    Schedule interviews between hiring managers & candidates. You can send Google Calendar invitations to make sure that there's no conflict while scheduling an interview. You can also update and manage interview status' and feedback using the ATS.

  4. 4

    Inter-Departmental Collaboration

    Keep your team notified with all updates made for the candidates in your pipeline, like all communications with the candidates, interviews scheduled, interview feedback etc.

  5. 5

    Conduct Video Interviews

    Our ATS has built-in video interview module. You can customize your questionnaire & invite candidates to appear for the video interviews. Then score the candidates on the basis of their interview and shortlist them. Without the hassle of scheduling and re-scheduling like in-person interview sessions.

  6. 6

    Talsuite Smart recruiting

    Free your recruiters from tasks that have everything to do with operations and nothing to do with their recruiting skills. Our system is backed with AI, and can handle initial screening of your candidates using our chatbot. Further, can also help grade candidate video interviews.

  7. 7

    Analyse & Strategize

    Our ATS helps you to make decisions backed by real-time data about your business. Improve your hiring strategy. Measure your performance and then, generate reports to understand it. You can create different types of reports such as pipeline movement, interview success, candidates by source, and so on.

  8. 8

    Track Placements & Send Invoices

    Complete your recruiting process by generating and e-mailing candidate trackers, and invoices to your clients, keep track of unpaid bills & get paid for the work you do!

  9. 9

    Discover our Rich Candidate Database

    TalSuite not only helps you to streamline your recruitment process but also has a rich candidate database to source from! You don't have to get accounts on other job portals anymore. You can find the best talent on your very own TalSuite itself.

  10. 10

    Vendor Management

    If you're a company that outsources candidate sourcing to recruitment agencies, Talsuite has vendor management modules for you. You can manage all your vendors using Talsuite. Review the candidate pipelines which your vendors have created for you. Connect and communicate with them easily.

Across the street or across the globe.

Now stay in loop even when you're on the go, with Talsuite mobile app and recruit anytime, anywhere. You don't have to be bound to your desk to be recruiting anymore.



Secure Storage

Talsuite keeps all data on Amazon servers, that means world-class security standards.

Password Protection

Our system is equipped with two factor authentication ensuring complete peace of mind.

Centralized Documents

Keep all candidate and employer-related documents on the system.

Integrated system

Reduce re-keying and the risk of errors. All Communications are integrated, i.e Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing, Selection etc.

Free Upgrades

Talsuite upgrades the system regularly at no extra cost. Our R&D team is constantly working to improve your experience.

Free Support

Available to all users at no cost. You can email us or request a phone call

Mobile Ready

Users can access Talsuite through our Android Application - a great feature for Management and Recruiters on the go.

Easy Setup

TalSuite is relatively easy to set-up. It gets installed in a matter of hours - not days.


System has integrated intra-team chat so that your team members can communicate with each other without leaving the system.

Push Notifications

Users are notified about all the important events related to them and their candidates. Hence avoiding redundant emails.

Video Tutorials

Provide video lessons to your team, for smooth usage.

Activity Logs

Talsuite tracks the changes made within the system so administrator can track the ownership of data.

Ideal for all recruitment needs

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